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Best Heavy Duty Swivel Hunting Chair Reviews

Best swivel blind hunting chairs for big men

Heavy Duty Swivel Hunting Chairs

Which is the best swivel hunting chair in the market today?  Compare these top rated swivel hunting chairs to see which is the best one for you.

Do you know what the most important elements are with a hunting chair?  You want to make sure that it is comfortable, because you are going to be sitting for long periods of time AND you are going to be using the chair for many years to come.

You are going to be carrying it out to your favorite spot, so you want to make sure that it is lightweight, yet sturdy.

You want your chair to swivel smoothly.

You want each of the legs to be adjustable so that you can sit evenly on uneven ground.

And… makes no noise when you are sitting or moving on the chair.

You need one that is camo or brown in color so that you can blend in to your surroundings

Great for duck hunting, deer hunting, turkey and dove hunting, and as an extra chair for camping or tailgating.

Best Heavy Duty Swivel Chair for 400 Pound Weight Capacity

For the big and heavy guy, you want a chair that is going to be sturdy and supportive.  When you are out hunting, the last thing that you want to worry about is your chair. The wide tires spread out the weight of the load.

Best Heavy Duty Swivel Hunting Chairs - Review Guide and Sale
Top 3 Today:
Millennium Treestands G100 Blind Chair
Sniper Seat 360 Shooting Chair
Redneck Outdoors Portable Hunting Chair

 This Swivel Hunting Chair the best in comfort and for being smooth & quiet.

Hunting Chairs for Big Men

You need a high weight capacity chair that is comfortable with a wide seat, easy to carry and quietly & smoothly moves with you.

Millennium Treestands G100 Blind Chair

400 pound capacity swivel camping chair

The Millennium Treestands G100 swivel chair is the “dream chair” that every hunter would love to have.  It  designed to last a lifetime with it’s aluminum frame and high quality sling chair fabric.

The nice thing with the G100 is that without making any noise,  it swivels 360 degrees which gives you complete freedom to watch and follow your birds or animals.

An additional feature that you can buy is the shooting rest (shown in the picture, but not a standard feature). The bracket and primos trigger set are separate.

The chair only weighs 7 pounds, folds up and carried in a lightweight bag (included).

A typical comment we’ve seen in the reviews are…” Quiet, smooth and comfortable”.

The chair is adjustable in height from 13″ to 17″ AND each leg can be adjusted individually for when you are sitting on uneven ground.

Click here to check pricing and read reviews on Amazon.


Benchmaster Sniper Seat 360 Shooting Chair

Best heavy duty swivel hunting chair reviewThe Benchmaster Sniper 360 is a serious option to consider as well.  This chair is a little heavier than the other hunting chairs that we are reviewing on this site.  The chair weighs 25 pounds  vs 7 pounds for the Millennium G100.  So keep that in mind if you will be doing a lot of walking out to your favorite hunting spot.

The chair turns around 360 degrees and it built to last.  When you first receive the chair, you will need to tighten the bolts so that the chair does not make any noise when you turn or move on it.

There are been varying views on the comfort of the chair – so say that if you are sitting for a really long time, that the chair is uncomfortable and not padded enough.  Though many chairs feel like that when you are sitting, waiting and not getting in any shots 🙂

The Sniper 360 does come with arm rests that you have the option to remove if you so choose.

Legs are adjustable to work with any terrain you are on and the gun/bow rest that comes with the chair is adjustable as well.

The chair is stable and high enough for ground blinds.

As for the weight capacity, the manufacturer has not officially stated the maximum weight you can have on this chair.  Customer have stated that they are find with 220-250 pounds.  We haven’t been able to confirm a high weight capacity limit for the chair.

Click here to check pricing and reviews on Amazon for the Sniper 360 chair

✔️ Redneck Outdoors Portable Hunting Chair

Best heavy duty swivel hunting chair reviewThe Redneck hunting chair can handle the big guy with a weight capacity of 350 pounds.

Like all hunting chairs, each of the legs are adjustable to allow you to sit comfortably on uneven terrain.

This chair as a limited 180 degree swivel compared to the Millinnium G100  and the Benchmaster Sniper 360 which offer a complete 360 degree swivel.

As for carrying this chair, it is a bit heavy at 16 pounds and comes with an attached strap for carrying (no bag).

High density foam seat that you can slightly adjust from 17″ off the ground to 18.5″.

Click here to check pricing and reviews on Amazon for the Redneck Portable Hunting Chair


ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth Hunter Blind Chair

Best Heavy Duty Swivel Hunting Chair ReviewThe ALPS Stealth hunter blind chair as a limited weight capacity of  275 pounds.  It is popular due to the fact that it is priced lower than the above reviewed hunting chairs.

It is a comfortable, well designed swivel chair with four independent adjustable legs.  This chair has wide feet to prevent the chair from sinking into soft ground.

The height of the seat is adjustable from 17″ up to 23″ which is great for the tall guy.

The mesh seating makes it easy to wash down.

Note:  this is not a folding chair.  This chair is designed for you to take the seat off of the legs while you are carrying it (and it does not come with a carrying strap or case).  Best to put it in an atv to take to your preferred location.

Excellent quality construction.

Click here to check pricing and reviews on Amazon for the ALPS Stealth Chair

Swivel Hunting Chair Uses

Duck Hunting

Deer Hunting

Turkey Hunting

Dove Hunting

Drone Flying



✅ What is the Best Heavy Duty Swivel Hunting Chair on the Market?

If you can afford it, the best heavy swivel hunting chair AND the most comfortable would be the Millinnium G100.  This investment will last you for years and you will be happy with how light it is to carry, how comfortable it is to sit on for hours at a time and how quiet & smoothly it turns.  Finding it on sale is tough, check this page on Amazon periodically for pricing.

Most Comfortable Hunting Chair

After reading all of the reviews online, the Millinium Treestand has hundreds of positive reviews on their comfort, design and quality of their swivel chairs.

360 Degree Swivel Hunting Chairs

The following chairs offer 360 degree swivel movement with their chairs:

Millennium Treestands G100

Benchmaster Sniper 360

Millennium Shooting House Chair

Browning Camping Huntsman Chair

Alps Stealth Chair

Cheap Portable Hunting Chair

Cheap Portable Folding Hunting Chair - 300 pound capacityIf you are not needing a swivel chair and just want a light portable hunting chair, then you might want to consider the Primos hunting chair. It is not in the same league as the above mentioned chairs, but if you are looking for something lightweight and portable, then this is a good option.
Pros and Cons:
Does not swivel
No padded seat
Has a weight limit capacity of 300 pounds
Does not have a carrying case, there is a clip to keep the legs closed.



Best heavy duty swivel chairs for hunting

Big man’s hunting chair reviewed.

Benchmaster Sniper 360 vs Millinnium G100 vs Redneck Portable Hunting Chair

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