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Best Heavy Duty Rotating Christmas Tree Stand – Revolving Stand Reviews

best heavy duty rotating christmas tree stands for artificial trees - reviews

Heavy Duty Revolving Christmas Tree Stands for Real or Artificial Christmas Trees

Add some extra life to your Christmas tree this year with the ability for it to move on a revolving tree stand.  This allows the lights to twinkle more and for many of the family ornaments to get displayed instead of being tucked away at the back against the wall.

Kids love them and they are a nice addition to the Christmas atmosphere.

The revolving tree stands rotate very slowly and some come with music as well.

Heavy Duty Revolving Tree Stand for Artificial Christmas Trees

best heavy duty revolving artificial tree stand

Heavy Duty Rotating Tree Stand for Live Trees (Real Christmas Trees)

Amazing Rotating Tree Stand for Freshly Cut TreesAmazing Rotating Tree Stand for Freshly Cut TreesAmazing Rotating Tree Stand for Freshly Cut TreesAmazing Rotating Tree Stand for Freshly Cut Trees


This is the only heavy duty revolving tree stand that I could find that would work with fresh cut trees.
It will hold tree from 3″ thick up to 5.5″ thick.
It is advisable to have a tree no larger than 7 feet and 125 pounds.

Easy remote control to turn it on and off.

If you decide to just have the lights on and not have it rotate, you have the option to do that too.

You can read more about it here.

When purchasing a Christmas tree stand, the most important element is safety – ensuring that the tree does not tip over.  Therefore you need to make sure that you understand the measurement of the tree trunk to ensure that it meets the minimum and maximum requirements for the tree stand.  If the Christmas tree is too skinny, it won’t stand properly.  And if it is too large, then it won’t fit into the stand.


best rotating christmas tree stands for real and artificial trees

Heavy duty rotating Christmas tree stands so that your tree can spin and sparkle