Best Heavy Duty Rolling Snow Shovel – Snow Pusher Shovel with Wheels Review

best push shovel on wheels

snow pusher shovel with wheels

Save Your Back with a Heavy Duty Rolling Snow Shovel!

We all know that shoveling is hard work and that it is much smarter to push snow than it is to lift snow.

Ivation Heavy Duty Rolling Snow Pusher with Pivot Wheels & Adjustable Handle

angled snow pusher shovel with wheelsIt is possible to keep up with snow without a snowblower, and on of the best snow shovel for pushing snow is the Ivation. It’s more than twice as efficient as the ordinary kind, and it’s much easier to use. The wheels grip the ground. It’s easy to quickly shovel off the walkway, driveway and sidewalk.  The key to using a shovel like this is to get outside and clear the snow before it gets too deep.  Don’t wait until up to your waist.  These push shovels are designed to PUSH the snow, not LIFT the snow.

You can read customer reviews on the Ivation Snow Pusher here.

Top Brands of Snow Pusher Shovels with Wheels

Heavy Duty Adjustable Rolling Snow Pusher With 6Heavy Duty Adjustable Rolling Snow Pusher With 6Two Wheel Adjustable Height Snow Plow Pusher - 26 Inch WideTwo Wheel Adjustable Height Snow Plow Pusher – 26 Inch WideIvation Heavy Duty Rolling Snow Pusher with 6Ivation Heavy Duty Rolling Snow Pusher with 6Heavy Duty Rolling Snow Shovel with Rotatable Steel Blade, 5 Way Adjustable HandleHeavy Duty Rolling Snow Shovel with Rotatable Steel Blade, 5 Way Adjustable HandleHeavy Duty Rolling Snow Shovel with Rotatable Steel Blade REDHeavy Duty Rolling Snow Shovel with Rotatable Steel Blade RED


Snowcaster Heavy Duty Snow Pusher

Snowcaster Snowblade 3 foot Blue Blade

Snowcaster Snowblade delivers a wide 3 foot swath to drastically cut down on your shoveling time. Saves your lower back as you can push the snow AND NOT lift and throw it.

Snowcaster Snowblade clears paths quickly. Simple design allows you to remove snow while keeping your body in an upright, walking position. Instead of relying on the strength of your lower back, you use your body weight, legs, and arms.

Minimizes work by pushing instead of lifting and throwing. Work smarter, not harder by managing your snow accumulation. Stores easily and out of the way. 3 foot wide blade, 45 inch handle, 6 inch wheels.

snow pusher shovel with wheels

Shoveling is a physical exercise and if you do not take precautions a simple chore could injury your back. It is not uncommon to hear stories or even know of someone who “threw out” their back while shoveling. Or an elderly person having a stroke while clearing the driveway. Shoveling snow could be compared to weight lifting. Most of us simply start doing chores around the house without thinking. No one ever thinks they can or will be injured at home. But they are and that is not the time to figure that out. Be smart follow a few basic pointers below and save yourself from a lifetime of potential pain.

Stretching your muscles before shoveling, this is very physical activity.

Do not eat, smoke or drink before shoveling, you will need all the energy and strength you have to scoop, push or throw.

Use a long handled shovel or an ergonomic shovel to keep your back straight

Plastic shovels are lighter than metal shovels

Shoveling can raise your blood pressure and heart rate, so pace yourself

Snow shovels are designed to push snow, not lift.

snow pusher with wheels

If you have to lift, do small scoops, not big ones

Lift with your legs, keep your back straight, this reduces pressure on your back

Toss snow the same direction you scooped it, Do not twist, twisting can damage muscles in your back.

If you get tired take a break, stretch your back gently

Stretch after you shovel to prevent your muscles from stiffening

If you are in poor health or physical shape consult a doctor before picking up the shovel. Or hire someone to do it for you. Shoveling snow is must if you live in a snowy area, but it also comes with hidden hazards. You have a few basic steps to prevent a simple chore from turning into a nightmare. Always think safety, it only takes a minute to do, but the failure to do it could haunt you for the rest of your life.

How to Dig Your Car Out of Snow – Video

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