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Best Heavy Duty Plastic Folding Stools with High Weight Capacity

5 Top Rated Heavy Duty Plastic Folding Step Stools Reviewed

Here we will compare the different plastic heavy duty folding step stools on the market and see the value for the money.


Elements to look for in a heavy duty folding plastic stool — weight capacity, non-slip surface, and the height of the step.

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Epica Folding Plastic Step Stool

best heavy duty folding plastic step stool reviews
9 inches high and 11 inches wide
Non slip surface
When folded flat, it’s 2 inches wide and can be easily tucked away in a closet or pantry
Weight Capacity: 350 pounds

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Uses of Heavy Duty Plastic Folding Stools

for camping
for the elderly
for your rv
for travel
for the truck
for adults
for the kitchen
for toddlers

Heavy Duty Heavy Duty Plastic Folding Stool Comparison Table

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Buying Tips:

Below are some things you might want to consider before you buy a heavy duty folding stool:


Price is always a consideration as you want to ensure it fits in your budget. But you also want to make a good investment for your safety. Many of the top rated stools can be found between $20 – $50.

Be sure that you get the style that best suits your requirements.

Capacity and Size

Check the width of the platform to ensure that you have enough room to stand comfortably. The standard height is 9 inches with a platform width of 11 inches.

Non-Slip Surface

One of the most important features you will need on the stool is a non-slip platform surface.  Either a rubber grip or rough “sanded” surface are the options.  In either situation, it is advisable to always wear shoes or boots when standing on a step stool.

Best Sellers

If you are looking for the best selling and most popular heavy duty folding plastic stools, check this page on Amazon

Top 5 Heavy Duty Plastic Folding Stools (Best Sellers)

#1 – Kitch N’ Wares – Folding Step Stool With Handle

#2 – Homeco Design – Plastic Folding Stool

#3 –Jeronic  Plastic Folding Step Stool

#4 – Green Direct Plastic Folding Step Stool

#5 – Ecoss Folding Step Stool