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Best Heavy Duty Dog Crate – Review

Heavy duty dog crates and kennels

We’ve done a search of the best heavy duty dog crates on the market and have narrowed it down to these top picks.

If you have a dog that destroys wire cages, then you might want to take a look at these dog crates.

Indoor and outdoor heavy duty dog crates and cages
Top 3 Today:

We’ve choosen dog cages with the following features:

Strong steel construction

Welded at the cross points

Able to hold a heavy dog

Easy to assemble

Easy to clean

Optional – wheels to move around

42″ Heavy Duty Dog Crates

Great for breeders, handlers and pet owners to help manage dogs who seem to get in to everything.

Heavy duty dog crate for large dogs
Luckup Dog Cage

Luckup 42″ Heavy Duty Dog Crate

The two plastic tray on the bottom can be slide out for easy cleaning.

Heavy duty steel frame, strong and durable, suitable for many large dogs.

Much more durable than the typical dog crate.

Rust and corrosion-resistant steel frame and two plastic tray,handiness,easy to take out and cleaning.

Comes with wheels that you can attach or not.

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Guardian Gear ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

ProSelect heavy duty dog cage for medium and large dogs
ProSelect Dog Cage

The ProSelect is Amazon’s top choice for heavy duty dog cages.

The ProSelect Empire dog cage is extremely strong and will stand up to the toughest abuse from dogs.

Comes with strong latches and thick steel construction.

Comes in both medium and large size cages to suit your dog’s size.

Easy cleaning with the floor grate and slide out tray.

Comes with strong caster wheels so that you can move the cage around.

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Smithbuilt heavy duty dog cage sale
Smithbuilt Dog Cage

SmithBuilt Heavy-Duty Dog Crate Cage

The SmithBuilt dog cage is of commercial-quality steel construction provides a heavy-duty, solid framed pet crate with steel tubes from top to bottom.

Designed with two doors (top and side. The front door locks with two slide-bolt latches, and the crate top with one.

Comes with four rolling casters for easy transfer from room to room. Two wheels have locks to prevent accidental movement and keep your cage securely in place.

Has a protective coating that resists rust, corrosion, and fading, so that you can use this cage either inside or outside.

The removable tray is both stain and rust resistant and won’t retain pet odors. It has a grated floor to allow soiling to drop to the lower tray.

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Sliverylake XXL 42 inch heavy duty dog cage review
Sliverylake Crate

Sliverylake XXL Dog Cage Crate Kennel

The Sliverylake dog cage has metal square tubes for the frame and heavy duty steel wire for the body of the cage.

It comes with four wheels so that you can move it around and two of the wheels are lockable to hold it in one place.

The floor grate is rust and corrosion resistant and comes with a steel tray.

There are two front doors and a door on the top so you have the choice as to how you want to access your dog.

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42 Inch heavy duty dog cage
Gelinzon Cage

Gelinzon 42″ Heavy Duty Stainless Dog Cage Crate

The Gelinzon has two stainless latches to stop your pet from escaping.

Heavy duty steel wire for cage body and metal square tube as frame.

Has a high grade finish that is rust resistant as well as chew resistant (non-toxic paint).

Comes with four wheels (two lockable) so that you can easily move the cage and comes with a steel tray for easy cleaning.

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These dog cages are design with your dog’s comfort and safety in mind.¬† They are of high quality with the goal of providing¬†a secure environment to help prevent separation anxiety, practice training, and prevent damage to furniture and other items inside the house.