Best Heavy Duty Folding Shopping Carts with Swivel Wheels


Affordable and Heavy Duty Folding Shopping Carts

There is no need to strain your back when you can use a heavy duty shopping cart with swivel wheels to carry the load for you.  You won’t need to worry about dropping items or having the dreaded pinch of the fingers when carrying heavy plastic bags all the way home.  These carts will last years and are a great way to “carry” all sorts of stuff around.

Some run more smoothly, last longer, are more comfortable to use and give you much more value for the money. These reviews compare Versacart vs DLux vs Wellmax.

Top Rated Heavy Duty Folding Shopping Carts

Folding Shopping Cart - Versacart Utility Cart - (Water-Resistant Heavy Duty CanvasFolding Shopping Cart – Versacart Utility Cart – (Water-Resistant Heavy Duty CanvasClick for Pricing and Color Choices

Versacart Folding Shopping Cart

What I like about this heavy duty folding shopping cart:

* I don’t have to assemble it 🙂
* Easily folds and unfolds and can be tucked away in the closet when not in use.
* It’s canvas, so I don’t need to buy a liner
* It’s private – no one can see what I have in my cart and there is a canvas top that I can use as well
* Easy to move around with
* Lightweight

– Will hold up to 120 pounds



At Home Heavy Duty Folding Carts

The At Home brand is the most expensive of the carts that we have found, yet their reviews aren’t very strong.  You can read them here.

✔ Wellmax Heavy Duty Folding Shopping Cart

Best Heavy Duty Folding Shopping Cart


The Wellmax cart is a large, heavy duty cart that can hold up to 150 pounds of items.

I can carry anything in this basket!  Read full Review…

It is made of rust-free metal and is available in black, blue and red.

Wellmax is known for their high quality rubber shopping cart wheels makes it perfect to navigate on sidewalks, streets, through store aisles, or even on grass.  The pivoting front wheels makes it very easy to move and navigate around the store, sidewalk, apartment or any location.

Nice wide handle, you can push with both hands or just one.  No cold metal bar to hold on to.

You can have a liner as an option – which is great for a rainy day or to keep your shopping items private.  The liner can be purchased at the same time that you buy the cart.


Wellmax WM99024S Portable Folding Shopping Cart with Swivel Wheels

Best Heavy Duty Folding Grocery Shopping Cart with Swivel Wheels Reviews
Wellmax Cart



This Wellmax shopping cart is a touch smaller but with a sleek design.

It holds up to 66 pounds worth of items and it folds up flat for easy storage.

The great thing about this cart is that the front wheels swivel around 360 degrees for easy movement.

The front wheels are 3″ and the back wheels are 7″.  Although you do not need to assemble the cart, you will need to snap on the wheels when you receive it.

If you wanted to put a liner inside this cart, you would choose a medium sized liner.



Best Shopping Trolley

Trolley Dolly Foldable Grocery Shopping Cart

The Trolley Dolly series has four different styles to choose from. Their traditional folding shopping cart, the bigger shopping cart, the stair climber, the fold out seat and the insulated folding shopping cart.

They all have the trademark water resistant nylon fabric with a sturdy frame and cushioned handle.  And… lots of different colors and patterns to choose from.

Best Heavy Duty Folding Shopping Cart with Swivel Wheels
Trolley Dolly


Original Trolley Dolly

You can fold this cart in half when you don’t need to use it.

It only weighs 7 pounds, but will hold up to 110 pounds of groceries or other items.

The Bigger Trolley Dolly shopping cart is the same design except that it is 68% larger than the original Dolly.




Best Heavy Duty Folding Grocery Shopping Cart Review
Stair Climber Trolley Dolly

Trolley Dolly Stair Climber

This folding shopping cart is great for apartment living or for those who have to take their groceries up a flight or two of stairs.

It is designed with three wheels “per wheel” to allow for easy rolling up the stairs – brilliant idea!

Comes with the standard waterproof material, cushion handle and 7 compartments.

Will hold up to 110 pounds.


Grocery Carts for Seniors

Our Top 3 Picks

Three of the most popular grocery carts for seniors are:

  1.  Trolley Dolly as it is small, lightweight and is covered so that people can’t see what is inside.
  2. ROYI personal shopping cart is getting A LOT of great reviews.  It also holds more than the traditional Trolley Dolly
  3. Then there is the bigger Trolley Dolly if you need to carry more than what the traditional Trolley Dolly can hold.

Heavy Duty Folding Shopping Cart Uses:

For Grocery Shopping

If you walk to and from the grocery store, then you have experienced the pain in your fingers from carrying heavy bags for a block or more.  Using a heavy duty folding cart makes life so much easier.  Use it while shopping in the store or place it in the grocery cart and pack it once you have paid.  Then walk home in comfort.  No bags banging at your side, no finger pinching and no sore arms.  You can see the best-rated heavy duty folding carts here on this page of Amazon.

For Laundry

Heading over to the laundromat or down to the laundry room in an apartment building?  Why carry your clothes, detergent, fabric softener and coins when you can simple put it all in a strong, durable, heavy duty folding cart and effortlessly walk along with your cart.  Many people prefer the carts with the canvas liner so that clothing doesn’t fall out between the wires.  No one wants to drop a pair of underwear in the hallway!  Check out the canvas lined heavy duty shopping carts here.

For the Elderly

My mother simply find that groceries are just to heavy for her to carry.  And when she does carry a bag, she can’t carry it too far without getting worn out.  So we go her one of these heavy duty folding carts for her groceries and she loves it!  She also uses it to take her laundry from the bedroom to the laundry room down the hall in her building.  This is the specific one that we bought for her.

Best grocery and laundry shopping card for seniors and the elderly
Popular Shopping Trolley

For the Camping & RV

My sister and her family do a lot of camping and they use their folding cart a lot!  They use it to carry towels and toys when they walk down to the beach, they use it to take their laundry to the wash station, they use it to pick up groceries and they use it to pack up food to have bbqs and potlucks with their camping friends.  You need to have a heavy duty unit with strong wheels to handle the sand and roads.  She prefers the wire carts so that sand doesn’t get caught in the canvas.  This is the one that they bought.

For Apartment Living

There is nothing worse than having to take many trips up and down the elevator to get all of the groceries from the car up to the apartment!  Having a folding cart in the truck allows you to fill it up (and not have to carry the bags!) and just roll the cart to the elevator and out to the apartment.  Such a time saver and so much less effort than running back and forth!

For College

For kids in college that don’t have a car, these heavy duty folding carts are a great way to bring groceries (and beer) home.  They are also awesome for taking laundry down to the laundromat.  Get a strong, durable one because everyone will be using it.

Folding Shopping Carts for Seniors

Typically, seniors don’t do big shopping trips and as such, many seniors don’t want to deal with big carts.  But one aspect that they like about the larger carts is the stability that they offer and that the senior can lean on the cart for support.  In addition, you want a cart that is easy for them to move around and is light enough for them to manage.

So here are a few good recommendations of folding shopping carts for seniors.

  1.  The Trolley Dolly with the fold down seat – this is a small, lightweight, easy to pull shopping cart with a little folding seat should the senior need to take a moment to rest.  This cart is for the budget-minded senior.
  2. The Sholley British folding shopping cart is designed with seniors in mind.  They can lean on this cart, the back wheels have brakes and the unit folds down flat.  The Sholley is a high end folding cart.  Worth every penny if you can afford it.

Personal Shopping Carts for Groceries

We found two personal shopping carts for groceries and other items that are heavy duty, top of the line, and can carry the weight of a case of drinks too.  Compare the carts here.

Best Folding Grocery Cart

✔Clax Collapsible Folding Shopping Trolley Cart Review

Best Heavy Duty Folding Grocery Shopping Cart Review


Clax Cart Mobile Folding CartClax Cart Mobile Folding Cart

The Clax Cart really is a high end shopping cart and the price tag is not for the faint of heart. But it is so well designed and so functional that we will all want one!
It is smooth and easy to operate and the whole cart folds down so easily and so small that you can fit it into the truck of a car or the hall closet when not in use.  Even the basket folds down!

The great thing about this cart is that you can use it while going around the grocery store without having to use a store cart.

Nothing has to get squished or piled on top of each other like in the traditional carts.

The top shelf has a load capacity of 44 pounds while the bottom shelf can hold 88 pounds.

To check out the price and get your heart racing….click here.


✔ Sholley Deluxe British Folding Shopping Cart

Best Heavy Duty Folding Shopping Cart with Swivel Wheels Review and Sale
Sholley Cart

This high end folding shopping cart is very popular in Britian due to it’s solid design.

This cart is expected to last you 7 to 12 years!

Even with the bag on top, the Sholley cart will fold flat in an instant making it so easy to quickly put it away in a closet or put into the trunk of a car.

It has a park break which locks the back wheels in place and with a strong frame, you can lean on the cart.

All four wheels are swivel wheels and the wheels are large giving it a smoother ride.

This cart is definately worth taking a look at.

(check color options, pricing and customer reviews)


British Folding Personal Shopping Cart Trolley



best heavy duty folding shopping cart review

Polder Aluminum Folding Shopping Cart

Polder Aluminum Shopping CartPolder Aluminum Shopping CartPolder has a lightweight yet very durable aluminum folding shopping cart. The front wheels rotate all the way around (360 degrees), so you never have to worry about them jamming up). This is a smaller shopping cart than the ones listed above and you will not be able to carry as many groceries or heavy items, but it is a good alternative to consider.

This cart only weighs 7 pounds which amazing and can hold up to 30 pounds of products.

The front wheels are not as strong and durable as the heavy duty carts above, so this unit is not recommended for stairs and curbs.

=>>Read reviews on the Polder cart here.


Extra Large Heavy Duty Shopping Cart

Clax Folding Shopping CartClax Folding Shopping CartGet InfoScout Cart: Your Personal Shopping CartScout Cart: Your Personal Shopping CartGet InfoWellmax Double Basket Folding CartWellmax Double Basket Folding CartGet Info

Strongest Shopping Cart

Of all of the shopping carts on the market today, there would be no question that the strongest shopping cart would be the Clax Cart and the Scout Cart.  Both both of those carts are high end and are not affordable to many people.  So if we exclude those two personal shopping carts, then the strongest contenders would be Wellmax cart which hold 150 pounds.

Deals on Heavy Duty Folding Shopping Carts

You can find great deals on Amazon.  Click here to the page specifically on heavy duty shopping carts.


Carts with wheels and handles are very useful for moving but can also be helpful for everyday tasks as well. If you do not own a car and need to go grocery shopping, you can fold up your cart, bring it to the grocery store and load all of them on and that way you do not have to worry about lugging around all those heavy bags. It would be very difficult to walk a long distance carrying loads of groceries. This way you can buy more food without having to be concerned about how to get it home.
When going to purchase a cart, there are a few things to look for. If you are a moving company, you are going to want something that is very durable, something that can
fold up, and that will last quite a long time. For this, you might pay extra for your cart but will get a lot of use out of it. For at home personal uses, the cheaper and less durable ones would most likely work. If you are using it to take with you on vacation or to have in your garage for the just in case times, it is ok to not splurge on it. The best feature of the carts is the fact that they fold. If you do not want something too bulky lying around or something that can fit in the car, it is best that it has the ability to fold.

Folding, rolling carts are great to have in the home, in the office to move around file boxes, in your garage, or for those moving companies who will spend a great deal of their time using them. They come in many different varieties and it can be up to you to figure out the best fit for you.


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