Best Heavy Duty Plastic Plates Reviews

Elegant plastic wedding plates

When you are entertaining, hosting a party or having a wedding, you need strong and sturdy disposable plates for the event.  Not something flimsy.

Heavy duty plastic plates are idea for the situation.  They are a big step up from paper plates and many of them are reusable for future events if you need them.

Many of the plates are quite elegant or you can get strong bright colors too.

Heavy duty plastic plates are worry free – you don’t have to concern yourself about anything getting broken.

 Best Heavy Duty Strong plastic plates for a wedding

Heady Duty Plastic Plates for a Wedding

Formal Plastic Dinnerware

Elegant Heavy Duty Plastic Plates

If you really want elegant plastic plates that are heavy duty, reusable and upscale, then you should take a look at what Sweet Flavor has to offer.  Their stuff is above and beyond the traditional plastic plates.

strong reusable elegant fance plastic plates

Perhaps you were thinking along the line of gold plastic plates, which are also very elegant.  These fancy plates come is different gold designs.

Gold Plastic Plates – Fancy & Heavy Duty

You can choose your design of gold plastic plates.  There are white with gold trim, ivory with gold trim, all gold plastic plates or black with gold trim.

In addition, you can choose between round or square gold plastic plates.  You have the option of 9 inch or 10 inch sizes of gold plastic plates.

10.25in. Gold Ovals Design Premium Plastic Wedding Plates (40 Pack) China-LikeCheck Price & Quantity OptionsPlexware Golden Rim Plastic Plates 50 Piece Set (20-7.5 Inch, 15 - 9 Inch, 15 - 10.27 Inch) WhiteCheck Price & Quantity OptionsPlastic China Plate Silverware Combo 129 piece set (ROUND, IVORY / GOLD)Check Price & Quantity OptionsPlastic China Plate Silverware Combo 115 piece set (SQUARE, IVORY / GOLD)(less then $2.5 per person plus bonus)Check Price & Quantity OptionsMaryland Plastics 15 Count Newbury Dinner Plate, 10-3/4Check Price & Quantity OptionsFineline Settings 15-Piece Silver Splendor with Gold Round China-Like Plate, 7-Inch, BlackCheck Price & Quantity Options


Reusable Plastic Plates

Although many plastic plates are strong, not all are reusable.  You need to ensure that the package specifically states that the plates are designed to be washed and used again.  You can see a collection of reusable plastic plates on this specific page of Amazon.

 Heavy Duty Clear Plastic Plates

WNA Cut Crystal Heavyweight Clear Plastic Party Plates, 70 CountCheck Price & Quantity Options


Clear plastic plates offer the crystal-like look on the table.

You can buy them in small quantities or in bulk of 100 or 120 plates.

To see the various options of clear plastic plates, click here.



Heavy Duty Plastic Plate Uses

Best for Kids and Toddlers

Colorful and sturdy plates are always welcome when it comes to kids.  Check out these fun colors for their party.

Best for Camping and Outdoors

Sometimes when you are out camping, you just don’t feel like doing dishes – or even to have to think about dishes.  Here are some inexpensive, heavy duty plastic plates that will work for campers.

Best for Boys

Best heavy duty plastic plates

Boys don’t want flowers or gold trim.  Most of the time they want blue.  Check out the different colors of blue plastic plates.

Best for a Wedding

Elegant and fancy.  Clear or gold trimmed.  Square or round.  So many options for the bride to choose from.  Take a look at these best sellers on Amazon.

Best for Appetizers

When you are setting out appetizers and don’t want to use your own dishes, having some fancy plastic plates can do the trick.  Silver, clear, black trimmed or gold trimmed.  Lots of different styles to choose from.

Best for Dessert

Best Heavy Duty Plastic PlatesEvery special occasion has to have dessert!  Choices of plastic plates range from bright colors to elegant clear. Take a look at the selection of plastic dessert plates.

And if you want posh plastic dessert plates, check out these cool ones!  They’ll take your party to the next level.

Best for Girls

How about pink?  Light pink, dark pink or hot pink plastic plates.  I have found that floral disposable plates are mostly paper and not heavy duty.  The strong plastic plates are in solid colors.

Best for RV, Camper or Boats


Top Rated Heavy Duty Plastic Dinner Plates

Lace Collection Plastic Dinner Plates

  • Elegant Embossed Edge Design, 10.25 inch round, with innovative lace cut ivory with gold rim

Sweet Flavor Plastic Plates

  • Beautiful clear Sea Green color available in square or round plates

Masterpiece Heavyweight Plastic Plates

  • Looks like china.  Premium heavyweight that can be reused.

Exquisite Heavy Duty Plastic Plates

  • Looks like real china with lots of different patterns to choose from

Imperial Premium Plastic Plates

Offers both elegant and bright fun colors of party plates

top heavy duty strong platic plates

Best Heavy Duty Plastic Plates

Elegant heavy duty plastic wedding plates that look real

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Best Heavy Duty Plastic Plates for Weddings


Heavy Duty Plastic Plates for Weddings