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Best Heavy Duty Quad Laundry Sorter Reviews

Top rated heavy duty laundry sorter hamper

Heavy Duty Quad Laundry Sorter Cart

When I bought one of these heavy duty quad laundry sorter carts (with the 4 bags), I was amazed how much easier it made my life on laundry day!

I would simply zip around the house pushing the laundry cart, going room to room to collect dirty clothes and to make life easier I simply sorted the clothes as I picked them up.  I’d roll over to each bedroom, the bathrooms and the kitchen to pick up clothes, towels and dish cloths.Best Heavy Duty Quad Laundry Sorter Reviews

Once everything was collected, off to the laundry room where I would simply pick up the first batch and throw it in the washing machine (since my sorting was already done).

You have the option to buy the sorter with just the compartments or get one with a bar to hang clothes.  I like to hang all of the shirts, so I chose the one with the bar.  Click here to see the one that I bought.

Almost all of the laundry sorters are chrome with canvas bags.


If you are in a hurry, click here to see the top rated heavy duty laundry sorters available on Amazon.  They have  a great selection with lots of customer reviews.


Some run more smoothly, last longer, are more comfortable to use and give you much more value for the money. These reviews compare HoneyCanDo vs Seville Classics vs Songmics vs Whitmor vs DecoBros.

Isn’t it a tedious task, sorting piles of laundry according to color or washing temperature before you start laundering them? An easy way out is getting yourself a laundry sorter. This will ensure that the sorting is done the moment you put laundry in the clothes bin and not leave the whole task to accumulate till the dreadful day of washing arrives.

Laundry sorters or clothes sorters are laundry bins that come with a number of compartments for keeping clothes separated according to their color, material or any other system by which you would like them segregated. This way you can keep your dirty socks and undergarments separate from the rest of your clothing. But there are a few more things that you will need to know before buying yourself a clothes sorter.

Heavy Duty Laundry Sorter Cart with Wheels

Even if you are not interested in wheeling your cart around from one room to another, the wheels are great for pushing your cart in the laundry room itself.  A simple nudge to push it out of the way.


heavy duty wheeled laundry sorter

Heavy Duty Laundry Sorter 4-Bag

Although 3 bag sorters are the most popular, heavy duty 4 bag laundry sorters are growing very quickly in popularity.  Originally we would sort whites, colors and towels.  But now, many people are sorting laundry by person, so each person has a compartment for their own laundry.  Once the laundry is clean, each person’s clothing is put into a bag and wheeled back to the rooms.  You can read reviews on the most popular 4 bag laundry sorters here.

Heavy Duty Laundry Sorter with Hanging Bar

Having a hanging bar for clean laundry is great.  Once your shirts (or pants) are clean, you will have a place to hang them until everything is put away.  I always hang shirts and pants to dry (first though, I fluff them up in the dryer for 5 minutes – which gets most of the wrinkles out).  I hand everything, with the exception of socks and underwear!

Seville Classics 3-Bag Laundry Sorter with Hanging BarCheck Price, Color and SizesSongmics 4-bag Rolling Laundry Sorter with Hanging Bar Heavy-duty Laundry Cart Hamper with 4 Wheels Larger Bags Black URLS44HCheck Price, Color and SizesWhitmor 6705-2815 Deluxe Laundry Center, SilverCheck Price, Color and Sizes



Heavy Duty Triple Laundry Sorter Carts (3 bag Hampers)

By far, the most popular are the 3 bag laundry sorters.  You can put colors, whites and towels in each of the canvas bags.  The bags are larger with the 3 bag unit vs the 4 bag units.

Songmics 3-Bag Rolling Laundry Sorter Heavy-duty Storage Hampers Black URLS76HCheck Price, Color and SizesSeville Classics Heavy-Duty 3-Bag Laundry Sorter CartCheck Price, Color and SizesDecoBros Heavy-Duty 3-Bag Laundry Sorter Cart, BronzeCheck Price, Color and SizesTilt 3-Bag Laundry Sorter in Snow WhiteCheck Price, Color and Sizes


Best Sellers

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Top 5 Brands of Heavy Duty Laundry Sorter Carts

Honey Can Do Laundry Sorter

Seville Classics Heavy Duty

Songmics Heavy Duty Laundry Cart Hamper

Whitmor Heavy Duty Laundry Cart

DecoBros Heavy Duty Laundry Sorter Cart

How to Fold and Organize Kids Clothes

Best Heavy Duty Quad Laundry Sorters


I found this over at LiveRenewed and it makes it so much easier to find the specific shirt or shorts that my child is looking for!

You can see everything is one glance and you know what your options are for the day.

Just don’t pack the clothes too tight in the drawer or everything will all come out at once.  Voice of experience telling you that 🙂

I found that the easiest way to put them in the drawer was to stack them up then put the whole “row” in at once.  This works great for shirts, shorts, underwear…anything.

Heavy Duty Laundry Sorter Deals

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How to Sort Laundry

Featured Brands of Canvas Laundry Sorters on Wheels


As most of us have considerable amount of laundry to store, a good idea is to get a non-collapsible, fairly large laundry bin. But then you have to ensure that it looks stylish even with the dirty laundry in it as it will have a permanent place somewhere in your household. Get a collapsible laundry sorter if you have spells when you don’t have any laundry to store.


Make the sorting system portable. You can make sure that carrying it to the washing area from the storage area will not be a hard task by buying a sorter with wheels. Also opt for a laundry sorter in a material that is lightweight and can be carried with ease even with the weight of the laundry in it.


Normally the laundry sorter has two to three chambers. Check if the number of compartments provided in the laundry bin is sufficient for you. Remember, the more the number of compartments, the more organized you can be.

Additional Features

Instead of getting the basic clothes bin, get one that comes with some special features. You can get sorters with labeled compartments to further decrease the chance of laundry getting mixed up. These hampers may come with in built shelves for storage of everything from detergents, soaps, pegs, gloves etc. Also see if you can get one with in built drying rods for freshly laundered clothes.


Keep in mind that you won’t be investing in laundry sorters every day. So it is worthwhile to get yourself a unit that will meet all your needs at once even if it comes at a price higher than that for the basic laundry hamper. Getting the laundry sorted on a daily basis and not let it sit on a disorganized pile does help at the end of the day. Not having to sort through week old piles of dirty clothes is worth it all.

In conclusion, look around and try to get all of the mentioned qualities in one before investing on a clothes sorter because this might just be what makes the lengthy, dreadful laundry day a not-so-unpleasant affair.  Souce

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Heavy Duty Quad Laundry Sorters

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