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Best Heavy Duty Motion Sensor Outdoor Lighting Review

best outdoor motion sensor security lighting

Heavy duty motion sensor outdoor lighting has become a part of the home in addition to protecting the work place.  These motion sensor lights are very affordable, are easy to install, work well, are weatherproof and last a long time.

Many people install them along the side of the building or home, the garage, driveway, parking area, patio, backyard and office entrances.

Being motion activated, there will always be light when someone approaches.

Best Heavy Duty Motion Sensor Outdoor Lighting

✅ Top 4 Rated Brands

Heath Zenith Heavy Duty Motion Sensor Light

Heath Zenith HZ-5411-WH Heavy Duty Motion Sensor Security Light, WhiteHeath Zenith HZ-5411-WH Heavy Duty Motion Sensor Security Light, White


* Up to 70-feet detection range With adjustable detection sensitivity
* Selectable Light Timer (Test, 1 Minute, 5 Minute, or 20 Minute)
* Uses Two 120-Watt Max Par 38 Flood Bulbs
* 150-degree motion detection at up to 70 feet with a metal housing for durability

Lights are activated when motion is detected, so there’s no need to waste electricity by leaving the lights on all night. You can choose between three auto modes — 1, 5, or 10 minutes of illumination after motion triggers the light.

However, when constant light is needed, this motion-activated light has a manual override mode that allows it to function as switch-controlled light for constant on, dusk-to-dawn lighting.


Lithonia Lighting Flood Light with Motion Sensor

Litom LED Outdoor Motion Sensor Solar Lights Wide AngleLitom LED Outdoor Motion Sensor Solar Lights Wide Angle


* Unique Wide Angle Design: With 3LEDs setup on both sides of the solar lights which create a wider range of luminosity. The maximum lighting angle can reach 180 degrees
* 24 Bigger Solar Lights: Equipped with 24 bigger LED lights, it provide excellent illumination of up to 526 lumens, which is far more brighter than other similar LED solar lights.
* 120° Detection Range: Built-in PIR motion sensor can detect up to 120 degree with a longer sensor length of 26 feet , thus provides a broader range of lighting.
* Solar Power Lights, with 3 Lighting Mode: With high efficient solar energy convert solar panel, which greatly shorten the charging time. 3 optional mode for your choose before install depends on your needs.
* IP65 Waterproof Solar Lights: It is specially designed to withstand all kinds of severe weather conditions, so you don’t need to worry about use in the rain



Leon Light Heavy Duty Motion Sensor Light
Leon Light 3-Head Motion Activated LED Outdoor Security LightLeon Light 3-Head Motion Activated LED Outdoor Security Light

This 3-head security light can be the best choice for your outdoor lighting. It is ultra-bright with 2200lm and has durable housing.
Design with strict waterproof and dustproof technology, this dual head outdoor light can resist weather and erosion;
providing you a long-lasting and stable lighting performance.

* 180° high-sensitive sensing angle and max 70ft sensing range gives a wider and more precise detection.
* Easy rotatable light head, lens hoods and motion sensor, adjustable detection range and lighting time, DIY the light as your need to fulfill different requirements
* 3 ultra-bright LED light heads, produce up to 2200lm high brightness clear white light, provide efficient lighting for your outdoor activities and adds extra safety for your home
* 30W LED equivalent to 150W traditional halogen fixture, upgrade the performance while reduce 80% on power consumption; come home with bright light without worrying the electric bill
* 50,000 hours product lifespan, long-lasting and stable performance for the time to come, no more frequent replacing and maintenance. 5 years warranty, satisfaction guarantee


SC Lighting LED Motion Sensor Security Light
SC Lighting Outdoor LED Security Three Headed Floodlight Motion SensorSC Lighting Outdoor LED Security Three Headed Floodlight Motion Sensor


* Time adjustability: 10 seconds- 10 minutes (once light turns on)—Sensing adjustibility: from 7 feet to 59 feet

* Motion detecting eye angle: 240 degrees

* Fully adjustable passive infrared motion sensor. Ideally for use as security lighting. Light will only go on when it is dark and motion is detected

* Wattage: 3 12 watt heads— Lens are made to not fade or turn yellow— Wide forward throw distribution




Outdoor motion sensor lighting is becoming a practical security solution nowadays, in particular among people who reside in areas manifested with criminals and miscreants. These sensor-driven lighting systems are used to detect movement within the coverage radius. And if any such movement is detected, then the lights get turned on almost like a reflex action.

Heath Zenith Heavy Duty Motion Sensor Security LightHeath Zenith Heavy Duty Motion Sensor Security LightGet Info & Reviews

Outdoor motion sensor lighting is done in such a way that the vulnerable parts of ones house are brought under the radius. In other words, the sensor keeps sensing all the vulnerable areas since these areas are under the movement detection radius of the sensor. Now if any criminal or burglar wants to enter into the focus zone, they have no option but to move so that they can enter. But it is this very movement that the outdoor motion sensor will pick up. And once it detects the motion, the lighting system will come into play by getting turned on automatically.

So any miscreant who would try to enter your home would now be surprised by the lights and will normally escape. These people do not ever like to get spotted, so they would prefer to get into houses that do not have such outdoor motion sensor lighting systems installed. This is a clear enhancement to your security.

Not only that, if the intruder decides to ignore the lighting and still enter your premises, you would be able to spot the person since the lighting will have broken the evening’s cover of darkness. They would also stand a good chance to get noticed from outside. And once you notice someone trying to enter your house, you can immediately take action.

 Litom LED Outdoor Motion Sensor Solar Lights Wide AngleGet Info & Reviews All-Pro 180° Motion sensor, floodlight with lamp coversGet Info & Reviews Hyperikon LED Security Light, Infrared Sensor ActivatedGet Info & Reviews


Of course, this security system is not foolproof. Like any other security system that can be practically implemented, this has its own pros and cons. But if you use your practical and common sense along with installation of the sensor, you would be much safer compared to what you would be without the system. Also note that with an outdoor motion sensor lighting installed, the thief or trespasser will have no idea about whether you are at home or not. So even if you are not at home and still keep the sensor lighting switching on, then outdoor motions and movements will still get tracked, the light will still react to any movement detected and the intruder will still be shocked. Hence, even when you are not in, your outdoor motion sensor lighting still keeps guard on your home at a decent level.

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