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Heavy Duty Drywall Panel Hoist Lift – Best Review and Guide

Top Rated Drywall Panel Hoist Lifts

Heavy Duty Drywall Panel Hoist Lifts

Which is the best drywall panel hoist lift in the market today?  Compare these top rated drywall panel hoist lifts to see which is the best one for you.

Do you know what the most important elements are with a drywall panel hoist lift?  You want to make sure that it is sturdy, because you don’t want it tipping or falling over.

You are going to be using it as your building partner, so you want to ensure that it can be operated by one person.

You want your drywall lift to crank and lift easily so that you don’t have to work hard.

You want it to be easy to assemble and take down so that you can move it from job to job.

And… can hold multiple drywall sheets when working with a partner – so that you don’t have to go up and down all the time.

When working alone, you want it to tilt to hold the drywall in place while you nail it in.

Great for both professional job sites and home renovations.

Best 9 Drywall Panel Lift Hoists

We chose these nine drywall lifts based on research and customer feedback and reviews.

Troy professional drywall panel lift hoist review
Top 3 Today:
Telpro Drywall Lift
Pentagon Drywall Lift
Troy Drywall Hoist

This drywall lift has over 400 reviews on Amazon.

1 – Troy Professional Drywall Lift Hoist

Troy professional drywall panel lift hoist review

The Troy Professional drywall lift is strong and durable – widely viewed as one of the best on the market.

Max reach for horizontal ceilings: 11 feet (15 feet with optional extension, sold separately).

Max single sheet capacity: up to 4-foot by 16-foot.

Max Reach for walls: 15 feet (determined by the 11-foot max lift and half the length of a standard drywall sheet).

Max load rating: 150-pound capacity.

Easy rolling heavy duty 5-inch casters.

Click here to check pricing and read reviews on Amazon.


2 – Pentagon “Lazy Lifter” Drywall Lift Hoist


Pentagon Lazy Lifter Drywall Hoist Jack ReviewOne person can easily handle and install drywall panels 4 x 16 ft.

The optional extension bar allows you to lift the drywall 15 ft. high; great for vaulted ceilings

Easily lifts drywall up to 11 feet–up to 15 ft. on angled ceilings

Full tilting action for walls and ceilings; Locking outriggers for added security/stability

Quick and Easy Assembly–goes together in five minutes without tools

Click here to check pricing and reviews on Amazon for the Pentagon Hoist


Amazon’s Best Selling Drywall Lifts

Amazon has a best seller’s list on the best selling drywall lifts for sale on their site – click here for the specific page

3 – Red Line Drywall Lift Hoist

Red Line Drywall Hoist Jack ReviewRed Line offers both an 11 foot and 19 foot hoists.

Both are all welded steel construction and no tools are required for assembly or take-down.

Will hold 16 foot wide sheets and can be used for walls or ceilings.

Red Line 11 Foot offering

Red Line 19 foot offering


4 – 

The Pro-Series drywall hoist will lift up to 16 feet high.

5 – Ironton Drywall Lift Jack

Irontron Drywall Lift Jack ReviewThe Irontron lift will hoist drywall up to 11 feet high.

It offers different positions for wall or ceiling application as well as locking outriggers for safety.

One person will be able to handle the job when using this lift.

Click here to check pricing and reviews on Amazon for the Irontron Life


6 – Telpro Drywall Lifter

Telpro panellift drywall lifter review

This lifter is smooth, safe and just well built!

The Telpro Panellif drywall lifter is easy to assemble and disassemble with no tools.

The tilting cradle brings loading height down to 34 inches for easy installation of drywall to walls.

Sloped or level ceilings up to 11 feet tall

Integral cradle outriggers extend to handle up to 4-by-16-foot sheets

Collapses to fit into car trunk

Maximum load rating of 150 pounds ensures plenty of support for lifting all standard drywall sheets

Click here to read some of the many reviews on Amazon.



Cheapest Drywall Hoist Lifts on the Market

7 – Goplus

Goplus is available on Amazon and is getting great reviews as a low cost option.

8 – Best Choice Products Drywall Lift

Best Choice Products drywall lift hoist reviewBest Choice Products drywall lift as a weight capacity of 150 pounds.  It is popular due to the fact that it is priced lower than the above reviewed drywall hoists

The lift is forged from heavy duty steel, which ensures it longer lasting life and sturdiness.

The payload is up to a robust 150 lbs. and can be hoisted up on walls or ceilings.

Base contains three wheels and helps keep the system balanced.


Click here to check pricing and reviews on Amazon for the Best Choice Products lift.


9 – Ideal Choice Drywall Lift Hoist

Ideal Choice drywall lift is a Best Seller on Amazon for its low cost, ease of use and durability.

Drywall Panel Hoist Lift UsesDrywall panel lift extension



Vaulted Ceilings

Drywall Panel Lift Extensions

If you want to extend the height of your drywall hoist, you will need to get the extension that matches the make and model of the hoist you own.

Here are the links for the hoist extensions by manufacturer:

Troy Lift Extension

Red Line Lift Extension

Buffalo Tools for Pro-Series Lifter


✅ What is the Best Heavy Duty Drywall Lift Hoist on the Market?

If you can afford it, the best heavy suty drywall lift hoist would be the Pentagon.  This investment will last you for years and you will be happy with how easy it is to use and how durable and sturdy the components are.  Finding it on sale is tough, check this page on Amazon periodically for pricing.

Best Drywall Lift for the Money

After reading all of the reviews online, the Ideal Choice has hundreds of positive reviews on their price, durability and easy of use.

Rent or Buy a Drywall Panel Hoist Lift?

Many people wonder if they should rent or buy a drywall panel hoist lift. The answer depends on your requirements. If you need the hoist for just one day, then it is more cost effective to rent the lift.

If your project is going to run over the span of a week or more, then you might want to purchase as your rental costs will be greater than the purchase price. When you are finished with your project, you can sell the lift.

If you have a professional requirement, then buying in the answer as you will use the drywall lift jack over and over again.

Top rated drywall hoist lifts on the market today

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