Clax Collapsible Folding Shopping Cart Review

Clax cart collapsible folding utility trolley and shopping cart review – now available in the USA.  The Clax clever cart is designed is Germany and is very durable, functional and well made. Here is our complete review.

Clax Collapsible Shopping Cart Review


Clax Collapsible Shopping Cart

Clax Collapsible Shopping Cart Review
When a well designed product comes into the market, you just want to tell everyone!

The Clax cart is it a folding shopping cart or a collapsible utility trolley?  Well, it’s both.  It is designed to help you with carrying pretty much any household item that you need to move from one place to another.

It’s slick, smooth and  lightweight.


Clax Collapsible Shopping Cart Review


Clax Cart Mobile Folding Cart – Grey

Simple things you can do with the Clax cart:

  • The upper shelf folds up and out of the way if you need to put tall items on the lower shelf
  • You can change the handle position from slanting back to straight up and down (what I mean by that is changing it from a shopping cart position to a trolley cart position)
  • Fold up the top shelf and stack crates to move
  • There is a foot break should you need it.


When you don’t need to use it, you can fold flat and is relatively compact.

The wheels rolls smoothly and the front wheels maneuver so well.  Like a high end baby stroller.  Turns on a dime.

Clax Cart Durability

Clax Folding Shopping Cart Review


Clax Cart Dimensions

Wheels mounted: 21.5 x 28 x 7.1 inches
Wheels dismounted: 18.5 x 26.5 x 4.4 inches
Hinged: 21.7 x 40.2 x 36 inches
(W x H x D)

Top floor: 44 pounds
Lower floor: 88 pounds

CLAX: 15.2 pounds
Folding box: 3.5 pounds
Total: 18.7 pounds

Clax Outdoor Mobile Cart

Clax Collapsible Shopping trolley

Clax Smart Cart Uses:

Groceries – heavy bottles, bulky items, large boxes, or stocking up.

Office – move items within the office with ease

Plants – move plants around without breaking your back

Stock up when there are sales

Bulky items like soda and beer

No need to take multiple trips from the car to the house/apartment

Teachers – great to carry books, projects, and “stuff” to and from the classroom

Sales Reps – Need to carry stuff from your car to the client’s office?

Catering Companies – so easy to move cases of drinks, food warmers, dishes and food!

Trade Shows – easily take your trade show items in and out without breaking your back.


It’s great for apartment or condo living, residential communities and city living.


Clax Clever Cart – FAQs

How Much Weight Can the Clax Shopping Cart Hold?

The top shelf can hold 44 pounds of weight while the bottom shelf can hold up to 88 pounds.

Does the Clax Cart Come with the Basket?

Yes, the Clax folding trolley comes with one collapsible basket.

Clax folding shopping baskets for cart

Can the Clax Cart Be Used on Stairs?

The back wheels are strong and durable and can handle curbs and steps.  Caution though when taking stairs which any items so that you don’t trip and fall.  Always hold on to a hand rail when going up and down the stairs.

Can the Clax be Easily Folded for Storage?

If you need to store your Clax cart, you can remove the wheels (if you so choose) to have the trolley lay flat.  The wheels are then stored in the bottom of the cart so that they don’t get lost or forgotten in the house or apartment.  Brilliant idea.

Clax trolley - folding shopping cart review

Clax Cart Accessories

The Clax Smart Cart comes with one folding basket and at this time, there are no accessories to purchase along with the system.  You get the complete system with your purchase.

 Clax Cart USA

The Clax cart is designed and made in Germany and is now available in the United States.  You can buy it online in the USA here.

 Best Price for Clax Cart

I’ve searched for the best price for the Clax cart, and there is no question that this is a pricey, high end cart.  Click here to see what I found.

Clax Cart Video

Heavy duty folding shopping cart with wheels

Heavy Duty Folding Shopping Cart with Front Swivel Wheels