Best Heavy Duty Plastic Plates for Weddings

Best Heavy Duty Plastic Plates for Weddings

When getting ready for the big day, it’s easy to plan ahead and find the best heavy duty plastic plates for weddings and receptions well in advance of the big day.  There are many elegant and fancy plastic plates that are designed specifically for weddings and special occasions, so you will be quite pleased with the quality.

Disposable plates makes it much easier for you and your family in many ways.  It is cheaper than renting or buying china, and it is quicker and easier to clean up.  There are biodegradable plates available on the market as well.

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Popular Elegant Gold Trimmed Plastic Plates

Clear Fancy Plastic Plates

Plastic Cutlery that Looks Real

Best Heavy Duty Plastic Plates for Weddings


Its great to use these plastic plates for the wedding reception, a bridal shower or the wedding itself.  You want plastic plates and not paper plates and the paper plates get soggy and wet from the moisture from the food.  In addition, it is harder to cut food on a paper plate than it is on a heavyweight plastic plate.  When it comes to plastic plates, high quality does not mean high price.

Plastic Wedding Plates that Look Real

Best Heavy Duty Plastic Plates for Weddings


Golden Wedding Plastic Plates

Best Heavy Duty Plastic Plates for Weddings


A lovely choice for an elegant wedding is to use gold and there are beautiful disposable plates, cutlery and napkins that hence the table to give it a fancier look while keeping everything in line with a budget.

Just because you are going with plastic plates doesn’t mean that it has to look cheap.  Use gold accessories as well to complete the whole table setting.  There are lots of different styles and prices on gold plates (or gold rimmed plates) that you can take a look at over here.  Then take a look at the gold cutlery and gold napkins too.

Heavy Duty White with Gold Rim Plastic PlatesHeavy Duty White with Gold Rim Plastic Plates“Looks Real” Plastic Gold Silverware CutleryDecorative and Elegant GOLD Floral NapkinsDecorative and Elegant GOLD Floral Napkins

Is it Okay to Use Plastic Plates for a Wedding Reception?

Many brides to be wonder if it is okay to use plastic plates for their wedding reception.  The answer is YES.  Is is very common to use fancy or elegant plastic plates as your dinnerware.


There are so many benefits to using disposable plates:

  • Less expensive than renting or buying
  • No hassle of renting (and returning)
  • Dishes won’t break
  • Heavy duty plastic plates won’t “flop” or bend  – especially if there are moist foods on the plate.
  • Quick and easy clean up

There are so many good looking plastic dinnerware sets so that you can still sent an elegant table.

Disposable Dinnerware for Rehearsal Dinner

Rehearsal parties can be busy as it is the day before the big event.  Why worry?  These are your closest family and friends who are around you to celebrate.  Grab some fancy plastic plates and enjoy!

How to Set A Table For a Wedding or Special Event

Best Heavy Duty Plastic Plates for a Wedding


A  meal for a unique event calls for special protocol when setting your table. Not sure which plates to use or where they should be placed? Which fork goes where? A number of factors need to be taken into account; from dinnerware placement to how you behave at the table, here is a description of everything you need to know for your next formal dinner event.

General Items

The tablecloth should reach half the distance between the edge of the table and the floor. The traditional color of the tablecloth is white.
Silverware should be placed so that your guests start from the silverware placed furthest away from the plate (for appetizers) and finish with the silverware closest to the plate (entree).
Silverware for desserts should be placed above the plates
Glasses are placed to the right of dessert silverware and should be ordered as follows:
Place the glass for white wine furthest to the right, then the glass for red wine and finally, closest to the plate, the glass of water. The glasses should be placed on a diagonal line that points towards the center of the plate.
Bread plate
The bread plate is placed to the left of the main course dish, at the height of the dessert silverware.
During the meal, bread is cut with your hands and carried to your r mouth with your right hand.
The Napkin
When sitting place the napkin on your knees, stretched but not open.
When you leave the table place it on the left side of your plate without folding it.

High Quality Plastic Plates for a Wedding

Black Plastic Wedding Plates

Talk about elegant…..  You can have black and gold, black and silver, black and white or solid black plastic wedding plates.

And they come in either a square or round shape depending on your style.

Heavy duty plastic plates for weddding

Clear Plastic Wedding Plates and Cups

Crystal Heavyweight Clear Plastic Wedding PlatesCrystal Heavyweight Clear Plastic Wedding PlatesCheck Price & Bulk Options


Heavyweight clear plastic wedding dinner plates are great for both indoor and outdoor weddings.  You can buy them in bulk and they are strong & sturdy to hold plenty of food.

You can pick sizes (7″ round or 10″ round) as well as the shape (round or square).

There are also some very stylish clear appetizer and dessert dishes that are quiet classy as well.


best heavy duty plastic plates for weddings

Sliver Plastic Wedding Plates

Strong and durable lovely white and silver plastic plates designed for a wedding.

There are different designs to chose from, but the simple elegance of the silver band round the outside rim of the plate seems to be the most popular with the brides.

Check out the details of the plates here.




 Blue Plastic Wedding Plates

When I first thought of blue plastic plates, I was thinking of the solid blue plates, but then I found beautiful white plates with blue trim that are stunning and looking at those plates make me rethink of using blue in the table setting.  Check out the different blue plastic plate options for your wedding here 

Posh Setting Royal Collection Blue & GoldPosh Setting Royal Collection Blue & GoldCheck PriceSignature Plate with Cobalt Trim & Gold Stamping,Signature Plate with Cobalt Trim & Gold Stamping,Check PriceDisposable Plastic Dinner & Dessert PlatesDisposable Plastic Dinner & Dessert PlatesCheck Price

Ivory Plastic Plates for a Wedding

Best Heavy Duty Plastic Plates for a Wedding



Plastic Plates for Wedding Cake

Best Heavy Duty Plastic Plates for Weddings


Questions about Plastic Wedding Plates:

How Much Do Wedding Plates Cost

Quality plastic plates cost anywhere from $8 to $24 per pack.  But you must check the number of plates in a pack as you can buy the plates in bulk.  You can buy them in counts of 10, 25, 50, 100, 150 and more.

Where to Buy Cheap Plastic Wedding Plates

Amazon has some good prices, and I have filtered the site to only give results for heavy duty wedding plates (so we only want sturdy, fancy plates).  This is the page that you want to check out.

Are Plastic Wedding Plates Tacky

No, plastic plates are not tacky as long as you are not buying the cheap, flimsy ones that you use for a child’s birthday party.  You want to step it up and get a better made plate that will hold up to the quality of the food that you will be placing on the plate.  Add a touch of class with a trim of gold or sliver (whichever enhances your color theme of your wedding), or go with clear.

How to Decorate Wedding Plates

I don’t see a need to decorate your wedding plate as your guests will be filling it with food, BUT… you will probably want to decorate the tables where your guests will be sitting.  It is advisable to select simple decorations that pull in the color theme of the wedding, small candles and a color coordinated napkin.  Keeping it simple places the focus on the bride and groom.

Create Napkin Rings Using Fresh Florals

Whether preparing a table for a bridal shower, wedding reception or a family gathering, napkin rings and fresh flowers add touches of elegance to the decor. But, combining the two to make napkin rings out of fresh florals gives guests a unique and fragrant welcome to their seats.

best heavy duty plastic plates for a wedding - bulk sale

(Image: Shades of Blue Interiors)


Table manners

  • In a formal dinner do not place the water and wine on the main table.
  • Only serve water to your guests sitting at the table prior to serving food
  • White wine can be served during the appetizers and red wine during the main course (depending of the menu).
  • The wine bottle should be covered by a napkin to prevent wine from dripping.
  • When serving food, do it from the left and when removing it, do it from the right. If you are adding a clean plate, it should be done from the left
  • If offering food from a platter, it should be done from the left
  • Salad is recommended to serve in separate bowls or small plates placed to the left of the guest’s main plate
  • Before serving dessert you must remove the salt and pepper shakers as well as the bread plates.
  • Champagne, if served, should be served with dessert.
  • Do not start eating until the host begins
  • Your elbows should be held close to your body when using silverware
  • Bring the food to your mouth, not your mouth to the food

Find more about plastic plates that look real.


Best Heavy Duty Plastic Plates for a Wedding

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